New: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph

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Roger Dubuis extends their Excalibur Spider collection with a new Flyback Chronograph with some rather innovative watchmaking.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph is priced at SGD 147,000 inclusive of GST. Boutique Exclusive.


Roger Dubuis is known of its over the top interpretation timekeeping. And their chronographs have followed this trend for a while, and sometimes we make the mistake to dismiss their offerings for being just another ostentatious design with the mechanicals-on-steroids aesthetic, and bog standard horology in the movements. But for this new release, we realised that we need to take a closer look at the the rather interesting chronograph movement – the caliber RD780.

The movement also incorporates two patent-pending innovations — one for the chronograph’s seconds hand and the other for the 120° Rotating Minute Counter (RMC).

The first one involves the clutch mechanism which RD calls the Second Braking System (SBS). This system provides stability to the chronograph seconds hand and reduces any stuttering or jerking movements during start, stop and reset. The brake is mounted directly on one of the two arms that operate the vertical clutch.

The second innovation – the 120° Rotating Minute Counter (RMC) display at 3 o’clock is also of interest. Here, the minutes are read off a two part system with a three armed wheel carrying 0,1 and 2 decades which rotate past the 0-9 digits. An innovative way to display the elapsed minutes with elegance and clarity.

The other mechanical aspects of interest in the movement is the inclined balance, which is tilted at 12°, a technique used to reduce the effects of inertia and gravity, like a tourbillon. And a technique which is used by Greubel Forsey.

Priced at a SGD 147k, the watch seems to be a relatively good value, especially when compared to the landscape of competitive offerings. The nearest is perhaps those from Richard Mille, which offer a similar aesthetic and the over the top visuals. But RDs are at least double the asking price, and arguably the RD has a more interesting and innovative movement, and in our eyes, should give it the edge.

Relese information

Trailblazing mechanics. Hyper-tech materials. An unrelenting drive toward maximum performance. Roger Dubuis is a watchmaker in the fast lane of expressive design, embracing the values of supreme motorsport to inspire its creations.

Now, it’s time to increase the speed.
Introducing the new Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph.
Influenced by the cutting-edge technology of supercar engineering, this ultra- inventive timepiece, with two pending patents, is fuelled by a new flyback chronograph calibre, featuring the seamless fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

Welcome to Hyper HorologyTM in overdrive.

Leading the Line

Roger Dubuis has a deep and authentic connection to the chronograph- with a heritage that stretches back to its earliest years and its very first watch. Following the MonovortexTM Split-Seconds Chronograph, which introduced the future of the Roger Dubuis chronograph at Watches and Wonders earlier this year, the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph signals the long-awaited comeback of this complication to the Maison’s collections. It encapsulates that history of know-how, while making a rapid step forward, identified by the advanced development of some of the most complex techniques.

The Maison’s obsession with motorsport has also energised the chronograph return. Since picking up the keys to this high-octane sport in 2017, Roger Dubuis has unleashed a torrent of creativity and audacious timepiece design, borrowing elements of supercar design to elevate its watchmaking. That passion has been backed by collaborations with some of the industry’s leading names, including a partnership with the Goodwood Festival of Speed – at which the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph will make its début this year.

The RD780 Calibre Revealed

If chronograph construction were a sport, the new RD780 would be in pole position. As always, Roger Dubuis has not been afraid of a challenge. As a Flyback, this chronograph is already at a more sophisticated standard of savoir-faire, enabling the instantaneous restarting of the timer function while the chronograph is running.

This is only the start of the speed-inspired design. Rather than taking a rationalized, modular approach, the Maison has fully integrated the chronograph complication into the movement, building it from scratch and placing it at the heart of its surroundings. This highly technical approach means that the entire calibre has been designed to both tell the time and measure time. While this takes many more months to complete and is far more demanding in the context of a skeletonized calibre, it has bestowed more creativity on the watchmakers, allowing them to play with the aesthetics and take every detail to the next level.

The feature at 6 o’clock is another fine example of this spirit: the famous column wheel. For connoisseurs and collectors, this legendary and intricate component is the unmistakeable mark of technical value. Not only has Roger Dubuis precisely machined the complex geometry of the column wheel, but they have also found a way to make it visible from the front, giving it a prominent position in which to be admired when playing with the chronograph. From a functional perspective, this appreciated piece has the extra advantage of making the pushers much smoother to operate. A small yet noticeable detail when attempting to reach perfection.

Further proof of the calibre’s extraordinary craftsmanship is its vertical clutch. Compared to a horizontal design, the vertical clutch is known to be more precise when starting the chronograph, improving accuracy at the moment that matters. Viewed from the caseback, it also recalls the gear-system of supercar design, yet again making a valid connection to the world of motorsport. But Roger Dubuis has not stopped there. The clutch is also equipped with an innovative Second Braking System (SBS), a component that drastically decreases flicker and brings extra stability to the chronograph seconds hand. Sharp. Reliable. Incredibly reactive. A patent-pending for Roger Dubuis’ version of the chronograph braking conception that will be clearly noticeable for wearers.

Precision then combines with playful, as the movement reveals its unexpected 120° Rotating Minute Counter (RMC) at 3 o’clock – crafted with a radical isotoxal shape. Just like the MonovortexTM concept watch, the minute counter includes a patent- pending tripartite hand that carries the 0, 1 and 2, accurately rotating past the 0-9 digits on the right. Activate the chronograph so you can watch the RMC move in time. Unconventional and joyful, yet so easy to read.

Performance For Modern Life

Reaching 72 hours of power reserve, this calibre then changes focus, facing up to the modern challenges of shock, gravity, and magnetism. Tilted at 12°, the balance wheel at 9 o’clock has raised its level of inertia to the same standard as a tourbillon. This ensures a strong resistance to everyday knocks, as well as the negative effects of gravity, which the Maison has long been obsessed with solving. Meanwhile, the diamond-coated silicon escapement wheel is paired with diamond-coated silicon pallet-stones, ensuring sublime anti-magnetic qualities.

It is the successful completion of a calibre that delivers all the requirements of an haute horologie chronograph – and so much more. To reaffirm its remarkable engineering, the RD780 is backed by Poinçon de Genève certification, whereby each piece of the calibre must be decorated by hand to hide the fabrication process, making it one of the most demanding signatures of fine watchmaking.

Dynamic From Every Angle

The exterior of this 45 mm timepiece is no less impressive than its stunning calibre. Accelerating to yet another level, the case is crafted in lightweight carbon and reveals a perfect combination of sharp lines and signature notches – and a symmetry that is typical of the Excalibur Spider collection. It’s a streamlined look that accentuates the nature of speed. Along with skeletonised pushers, the case is matched by a ceramic bezel – hyper resistant to scratches and less likely to tarnish over time. Together, the carbon and ceramic are a tribute to supercar construction, which often integrates the very same materials into sensitive and vital components such as brakes.

Look again. Now, you’ll find yourself immersed in a multi-dimensional design, whereby Roger Dubuis has created a depth of different surface levels. From the floating tachymeter scale, to the lower date display, and raised seconds hand, these parallel surfaces are arranged in all possible angles and heights. It’s a dynamic and expressive build that discloses something new with every glance.

Even from the back, there is more inspiration to take your breath away. The rotor has been shaped with five arms, like the rims of a supercar’s wheel, and accentuated with the signature sharp lines of Roger Dubuis. Further proof of affinity between motorsport and the Maison.

Finally, we arrive around the wrist, where the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph is presented on a black rubber strap, which is notched for extra volume. On the inner layer, a distinctive pattern recalls screeching tyre marks, while the Quick Release System ensures the wearer can change the strap in seconds for more versatility.

The Goodwood Unveiling

Buckle up and enjoy the rush, as the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph makes its adrenaline-fuelled debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023. Roger Dubuis is the Official Timing Partner of this world-famous celebration of car culture – and

is proud to be unleashing its newest timepiece at this year’s epic meet from July 13th to July 16th.

Housed at the Maison’s booth and at the Drivers’ Club, it’s a chance to step onto the track of Hyper HorologyTM and see where the lines blur between fine watchmaking and supercar invention.

A thrilling experience from start to finish.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph Specifications


  • RD780
  • MOVEMENT ENERGY: Automatic, self-winding
  • COMPLICATION: Chronograph, Date
  • CALIBER: An integrated chronograph with two patents: one linked to the secondhand of the chronograph and the other to the display of the minute counter. The calibre also features a column wheel, a tilted balance with variable inertia and a vertical coupling clutch. The chronograph has a flyback function.
  • FINISHING: Circular grained and sandblasted main plate and bridges
  • FUNCTIONS: Hours, minutes and central seconds
  • Frequency 28,800 bph
  • Power Reserve: 72 Hours
  • Diameter Lines: 16
  • Rubies: 39
  • Components: 333


• C-SMC carbon case
SBS – Second Brake System Column wheel
Vertical coupling clutch
120° RMC – Rotating minute counter


  • RD780
  • MOVEMENT ENERGY: Automatic, self-winding
  • COMPLICATION: Chronograph, Date
  • CALIBER: An integrated chronograph with two patents: one linked to the secondhand of the chronograph and the other to the display of the minute counter. The calibre also features a column wheel, a tilted balance with variable inertia and a vertical coupling clutch. The chronograph has a flyback function.
  • FINISHING: Circular grained and sandblasted main plate and bridges
  • FUNCTIONS: Hours, minutes and central seconds
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Water resistance: 100m


• Black lower flange with transferred texts and minute tracks. Grey upper Flange with screw-like hour markers rhodium plated and filled with SLN.


• White gold 750/1000 hour and minute hands coated with black PVD. Outlined tips filled with SLN.

• Central second hand red varnished • 3 digit minute counter hand


• Black rubber strap with black rubber inlay – Interchangeable with Quick Release System – QRS


• Black DLC titanium cover with titanium blades, triple folding, interchangeable with Quick Release System – QRS