Review: the new Norqain Wild One Skeleton

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Hot on the heels of Norqain’s latest release, they have kindly lent us the Wild One Skeleton 42MM in bright turquoise, some say that it’s the colour of 2023. This is a watch that is just in time for the Summer Party and Pool season. Here is our review after a week on the wrist.

Review: the new Norqain Wild One Skeleton

The Norqain Wild One Skeleton as reviewed in Turqoise has a retail price of SGD 8,500. A limited edition version of 300 pieces in Burgundy (not reviewed, see photograph on Competitive section) is set for a retail price of SGD 8,800. Prices are inclusive of GST.

First Impression/The Case

When the Chief Editor passed me the Norqain Wild One Skeleton in Bright Turquoise blue, my eyes lit up when I saw the watch and it was as if I made eye contact with the most attractive girl in the room. Upon holding the watch, you feel the full 78 grams of it. It is ultra light for such a dynamic and technology filled sports watch. The immediate impression of the Norteq case reminds me of Lamborghini’s forged Carbon Fibre. Norteq is a composite made of carbon fiber and a polymer matrix made of 60% castor oil which explains the earlier impression. 

Being a carbon fibre and rubber watch, the make of the case is very sturdy, certainly ready for adventures and the hard knocks of life! Norqain’s specifications state that the watch is proven to withstand a shock of 5,000g. Though this is a rather standard specification for sports watches, the claims are sufficient for its owner to bring it for rugged activities such as mountain biking, skiing and certainly over-engineered for the of course to summer parties and pool sessions from Sentosa to Ibiza.

The vibrant colour of the strap and the middle case would certainly make it an eye-catching accessory in any party. I would reckon that wearing the Norqain will certainly invite people striking a conversation with you about it because I certainly drew some curiosity from individuals when the watch was on my wrist. 

The Dial

One of the most eye-catching details apart from the colour of the Norqain Wild One Skeleton 42MM Turquoise Blue is the skeleton dial.

It is not everyday that we get a sports watch with a skeleton dial showing the intricacies of the watch and that certainly makes this watch stand out. One would imagine that having silver indices and hands would get lost in the matt silver skeleton dial but on the contrary, it is easily readable thanks to the highly polished hands and the beautiful lume that is in the same shade of turquoise blue as the watch for both the minute and hour hand.

The Movement

Norqain caliber NN08S movement on the Norqain Wild One Skeleton 42MM is essentially a Selita SW200-1. It is a tried and tested workhorse movement where just like a Toyota we know the heart of it will be very much bulletproof and easily repairable when anything goes wrong. The variant that is cased in this watch is a COSC certified movement and has a custom Norqain rotor.

The NN08S movement is beating at 28,800 bph. Power reserve is a standard 41 hours power reserve, perhaps is enough to last the entire summer party? We would very much have prefered if Norqain’s  had used the Kenissi sourced NN20/1 used in the “non-skeleton” Wild One Independence Collection, with the 70 hours “weekend-proof” power reserve.


The integrated rubber strap with turquoise “Milanese” pattern and black edges with a black NORTEQ pin buckle is certainly a fuss-free affair that will compliment the sporty appeal of the watch. It hugs the wrist in this humid and warm Singaporean weather that it is designed for and certainly won’t be afraid of any dirt and sand when one is out having fun as it is easily washable.

I may also add that it will withstand countless champagne showers during beach club parties, some hard knocks while inebriated and it will still look pristine the next morning ready for the next party that life brings you. 


The Norqain Wild One Skeleton 42MM is very much on a league of its own when it comes to an automatic sports watch with integrated rubber strap along with a sandwiched case with the various protective layers and titanium casing, especially when considering the use of a proprietary material for the case work.

The Norqain Wild One Skeleton in Burgundy. This model is a limited edition of 300 pieces, and carry a small price premium.

The two watches that would rival this are on two different price points, the first would be the recently launched Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80 where it too comes with an integrated and vibrant coloured rubber strap with a carbon fibre case sans the high tech shock absorbing technology. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the very limited IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Shock Absorber XPL which will survive 30,000Gs of force but cost more than 12 of the Norqain that we are reviewing today. The IWC is certainly an engineering marvel but certainly won’t be the right timepiece to accompany one for rugged activities and summer parties unlike the Norqain. 


After a week of wearing it on the wrist from my favorite wine club to my office, all I could say was that the Norqain Wild One Skeleton 42MM in turquoise blue is just like a double scoop of dark chocolate ice cream in a cone. The thought of it is amazing, seeing someone eating it is enticing and the first few licks of it were heavenly but eventually, it is a little too rich for daily consumption.

It will be an amazing third or fourth watch in the collection where you take it out every summer to the beach clubs or the famed Tomorrowland. The watch will certainly thrive in conditions where we would need a rugged, playful and eye-catching watch strapped on one’s wrist.  


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